Friday, July 21, 2017

 After chores I went down to Wegmans to buy groceries as my brother and a friend were coming to the area for a fishing tournament and I wanted to have a nice dinner.
A little after noon he called and said their motor blew up and they could not repair it...
headed home.
So, I invited Jenny and the boys to join us.

At 4:30 I went down to Jazzercise with Mary, as they were having a very special class introducing new music and routines and we thought it would be fun.  She goes all the time.
Well...there is no way I can really do this with my knee replacement.  I have been feeling great and do not want to mess things up.  Too much pivoting etc. Will have to force myself to go to Agape.

 No spags for my brother tonight.

 When we finished eating the boys went out to play catch.
Actually, they practiced pitching and I was very impressed.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder were very interested.

 It never fails!
Night all.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Big Rain, Stopped in time for The Geezers!

We had a little of everything today in the weather department.

I had a dentist appointment in Batavia at 11:15 and on my way home there was a major downpour
and almost had to pull of the road.
Got back to the farm around 2 and put the horses in the barn.

 Yep, the outdoor arena is ready for kayaking again.

 We got this much water in a little over an hour.

 The dogs had their first ride in their "hammock" today.  It worked very well and protected them and the car seats.
By 4 the sun appeared and the girls were back outside.

 Gary took his van in for an oil change and found out he needs to have a repair, so I drove him down to the Welcome Center at 5.  Summer Serenades featured The Geezers tonight and they needed a couple of hours to set up.  There were several beautiful boats docked.

 Little Wonder and Phoebe were with me and they met a couple of little Yorkies traveling on one of them.

 Headed home at 5:30...

 and went back down for the performance at 7.
The Geezers really know how to put on a very smooth, classy show and are so talented.
Learned a lot about what it takes to do this.




Home by 9.
What a great evening.
Night all.