Hurry Spring....


Friday, April 20, 2018

No Comparison!

We had sunshine all day long and it really was an upper.
Not all that warm, but it sure put me in a good mood!

 When I got up this morning I put my new Fitbit on and by the time I was done with chores I had taken 4,200 steps!
I made myself go down to the Rec Center so I could see what would happen with my traditional workout.  20 minutes/elliptical/20 minutes/bike 10 minutes treadmill.
After that I took a drive through the Town Park and headed back to the farm.
 At 2 Gary and I went down to the Morgan Manning house to celebrate the 
life of our friend, Rudy Aceto.  Many years ago he was one of my students
and a very important part of our community.
 On the way home we stopped at Wegmans, where
they had a huge display of flowers out by the entrance.

 After all the rotten weather we have been having, this day really felt good.

 By late afternoon the sun was beaming through the west windows.
It's been awhile.

 Earlier today I made a pot of sauce and invited Jenny and Scott up for dinner.
Before they got here I hit 10,000 steps.
This is going to be very interesting.

Now we all need a nap.
Night all.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

We Have Had Snow 15 Out of the Last 19 Days!

Enough already!
 Gary has been putting a lot of manure in the gardens and is anxious
to plant some strawberries between the rhubarb and the raspberries.
Even tho we got rid of 2 huge gardens, we still have a lot of room
next to the garlic.

 Once again I gave the girls a break from the mud and 
put them back in the smaller pasture with some hay.

 As per usual, the wind kicked up.

 At 9:30 I was down at the old Village Hall to judge a poster contest.
For the past 6 years we have had a Low Bridge High Water
event when the Erie Canal opens for the season in May.
The 4th graders study the Canal and participate by submitting
drawings.  There were 84 participants this year.  Here are some samples.

On the way home I stopped at Wegmans and then picked up a "fitbit," which was a total pain in the butt to set up.  Fortunately they were kind enough to walk me
through it...and it took a long time!
This afternoon we had more snow and I'm hoping this is the last day.
By Monday or Tuesday we should start a 3 day series in the 60s.
I might faint.
 Dinner was leftovers...fine with us.
By the way, we are doing very well without cable tv.
Our indoor antennas are giving us 26 channels in the kitchen and
42 in the living room.  Neither of them will be used very much and
that seems like an improvement to me.
 Gary is still managing to find wood so we can have fires when
it's cold like this.

 Over and out.
Night all.